The Author

Zachary Weaver, Ph.D

Zachary Weaver, Ph.D., known as Dr. Z, hails from Chicago, IL, and is currently residing in Washington, DC, serving as a Tarotist and Reiki Practitioner. The Tarot is a Healing Art is his first book.
Dr. Z gained the name the “Tarot Teddy Bear” due to his gentle nature. He exudes an effortless humility matched with tenderness and a deep emotional sensitivity for others. His energy provides a sense of comfort and security. Dr. Z’s gentleness reminds all who experience him of the freedom and security that come from being vulnerable. His essence offers a profound calm, which allows for an open heart when perceiving a situation. He’s a being of compassion, authority, and authentic self-expression.
Known as a healer, he works with clients from all walks of life, to bring clarity and direction when navigating the ever-changing winds of life. He’s passionate about helping people change their lives for their highest good. Serving and supporting people (as they journey through the terrain of human experiences) is his life purpose.
Dr. Z is a self-taught healing practitioner. For the past twenty years, he has studied esoteric teachings both formally and informally. He is a certified Oneness Deeksha Giver and Reiki practitioner, a member of the American Tarot Association, and of the Tarosophy Tarot Association. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Rust College, a Master of Public Administration from Clark Atlanta University, and Doctorate in Public Policy Administration from Walden University.
Dr. Z uses the Tarot as a tool to tap into divine wisdom. He views Tarot reading as an access point, an evidence of a stream of energetic interconnectedness, serving as a conduit for accessing universal consciousness, where infinite knowledge exists. Tarot is a tool for illumination and transformation. Tarot’s very demonstration affirms all life’s connection to an invisible web of spiritual wisdom. This knowledge can be targeted and downloaded. Dr. Z. reveals the path before you by showing you the light within. The Tarot Teddy Bear illuminates the way, by sharing divine guidance on every question about work, home, fortune, love, and more. His experience proves that Tarot can illuminate your present condition, by observing the current direction of the arcana and that Tarot can light the transformational paths available to you, as you journey through this moment that is the human experience. Let the Tarot Teddy Bear be your guide!
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