The Book

Tarot Is A Healing Art

Develop Your Wisdom and Unleash Your Power

Are you stuck on a job that’s not fulfilling? Are you suffering emotionally because you feel trapped in a box that you desperately desire to escape?
You don’t have to remain stuck in a profession that does not fulfill or nourish your soul. It’s never too late to transition from that monotonous job into a path of service in direct alignment with your soul’s calling. If you are reading this, you possibly feel like you should be doing more in this life to help heal yourself and humanity. You may feel called to a higher purpose. At the same time, you might be fearful about leaving that unfulfilling yet financially secure gig to pursue a healing practice. You might have self-doubts about your divine healing abilities and the potential of your gifts. I imagine you are unsure about how to prepare for the transition into an energy healing art.
What if I told you that you could answer all those questions with the Tarot? Yes, you can become secure in your healing power and explore your gifts as an energy healing practitioner, and yes, you can satisfy the deep longing within. Tarot is a Healing Art is for you. It is also an excellent resource for current healers who want to offer another modality in their practice.
Let me show you how the Tarot can be your guide! If you’re serious about transitioning from an unfulfilling personal and professional rut into a path directly aligned with your higher calling, Tarot is a Healing Art is calling to you. In it, Tarotist and Reiki Practitioner Zachary Weaver, aka Dr. Z, explains:
 • What Tarot is
 • How the Tarot can help navigate through times of transition
 • How the Tarot can be a useful support tool when starting an energy healing practice
 • What specific insights are necessary to facilitate a successful transit into a healing practice and how to get them!
 • How to connect with your spirit guides
 • How to use specific Tarot spreads to gain clarity about where you are on the journey of transition
Grab your copy now and start on a path to transforming your life, the lives of your clients, and your healing practice.